NTFI 2013Programma_NTFI_2013.html
by Valeria Raimondi ed Enrico Castellani

with the artistic collaboration of Vincenzo Todesco

with Olga Bercini e Babilonia Teatri

lights and sound Babilonia Teatri/Luca Scotton

costumes Babilonia Teatri/Franca Piccoli

production Fondazione Campania dei Festival – Napoli Teatro Festival Italia

in coproduction with Babilonia Teatri
with the support of Operaestate Festival Veneto

World premiere

Language italiana

Country Italia

running time: 1h

Venue Museo Nazionale di Pietrarsa (Sala Cinema)

Dates  15/06/2013 ore 21:45

            16/06/2013 ore 21:45

After the great success of The Rerum Natura presented in 2012, the sixth edition of the Napoli Teatro Festival Italia offers, in world premiere, the new work by Babilonia Teatri, one of the most interesting companies of the Italian scene, who chooses to explore with its personal language the theme of our relationship with sexuality and that of woman’s body and its use in the medias. Through the eyes of a young girl named Lolita, which refers to the protagonist of Nabokov’s novel, will be highlighted the issues related to the image of the female body, the way in which it is used and how all this affects the role that the woman plays in today society.

Lolita, no longer a child but not yet a woman, wonders about the influences of parents and peers, of education and, more generally, of society and of its models. The character of Lolita puts the viewer in front of the contradictions we live, talking about them without hypocrisy, and at the same time, without presuming to provide clear and final answers.




Napoli. Teatro Festival Italia - Edizione 2013

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